How Order Taking App Improves Restaurant Operations


Nowadays, customers have higher expectations than ever before. They want fast service, but they also wish to impeccable service. Order Taking App For Restaurants has always helped establishments meet these expectations by allowing customers to place their orders themselves.

Y the Wait is the first of its kind designed for small and mid-sized restaurants. Our cloud-based POS software that helps restaurateurs better manage their businesses.

We enable self-service ordering that improves the smart restaurant experience for the restaurateur, and the customer in addition to allowing restaurants to increase their sales and reduce labour costs. We also meet the expectations of modern consumers by giving them full control over the food and drinks they want.

What is the impact of order taking app on your smart restaurant?

Reduce the wait

Customers don’t like to wait for food, especially in quick-service restaurants which by definition promise prompt service. With increasingly elaborate menus and larger orders, use is slowing down in these restaurants.

Increase your income

There are several ways that self-service technology can drive more orders. And you can expect even more results by adding compelling photos of your dishes or desserts.

Avoid mistakes

Order taking app for restaurants leaves no longer leaves room for errors. A customer can order their food and drink, and everything is sent directly to the kitchen. Plus, orders go now from the smartphone to the kitchen. One step less means fewer errors.

Improve customer satisfaction

Y the Wait enhances the entire dining experience. First, servers which are not busy taking orders can focus on serving. Rather than running around the restaurant to make sure all charges have been brought, waiters can take the time to greet customers, answer questions, and offer menu advice.

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