How Food Ordering Apps Can Maximize Your Restaurant Sales

How Food Ordering Apps Can Maximize Your Restaurant Sales


The magic recipe for a restaurant to maximize benefits post-covid is to register with a food ordering app. Best order taking app for restaurants improves the working atmosphere and assists to implement hygiene rules. Y the Wait has this all for you. All these ingredients are needed for the success of your restaurant.

With Y the Wait, you can:

Simplify your card

Hygiene and safety is a priority for everyone during these current times. Y the Wait assists you to eliminate unhygienic paper menus and start using the safe digital menu at your restaurant. You can check the sales of your dishes via our dashboard. For best results, you can simplify the menu and increase the quality of food with Y the Wait.

Control deliveries

Y the Wait gives you an option to start your delivery services. When your staff starts delivering the good, then you’ll get a chance to interact with the customers directly. You will get feedback directly from the customers and improve your services in one go.

Check gross margin

Y the Wait food ordering app comes along with a POS system. Along with turnover, you check how many sales took place and what is your monthly gross margin. There is no need to wait for an accountant and get the results at the end of the month. It’s never too late with Y the Wait.

Keep a Check on Inventory

Keep a check on inventory with the best order taking app for restaurants. By keeping an eye on sales, you can check what your best selling dish is. You can buy ingredients accordingly and minimize waste in the kitchen.

Manage your restaurant

Y the Wait’s smart waiter app makes it possible to manage the restaurant staff at ease. With smooth restaurant operations, you can focus on sales and improve the quality of your services. Save the time of your waiter staff moving around the dining floor and let them serve guests more efficiently.

Y the Wait lets you enter the brave world of online ordering post-covid and adapt to new normal seamlessly. Call our customer care executives to get started!

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