How Conveniently Customers Can Order Food Online, On The Go?


Simple & Go digital! If you’re travelling to UAE or you’re exploring the places in Dubai. Get yourself connected with a smart food ordering app. In no time you will get the service by Y the Wait app.

It is the best online food ordering app that will give you immense experience & saves your time. Wherever you’re going along in your pocket take a smart food app solution with you.

ytw-order-food-onlineDo imagine your hunger cravings in your pocket? Without wasting your precious time, pre-order your favorite meal with a smart app and collect your order on the move.

Our ready-made food ordering software will take care of every aspect ranging from customers placing orders to delivering customers on time. We want our customers to reminisce the memories in UAE with the order food online app. With full of joy enjoy the hassle-free experience with Y the Wait app. Customer’s always should experience the convenience food ordering solution. Go digital! Because we know your hunger can’t wait. Easily place orders for your favorite food with an online food ordering app.

Why Y The Wait Came Up With A Smart Food Ordering App Concept?

Travelling and food are two parallel ends that meet during your travel journey. The journey takes you to explore beautiful places & makes your inner soul happy. In the presence of digitization, balanced diet propensity while travelling plays an essential role. Smart food ordering app makes customers’ lives easier during their journey. Order food online with a few clicks and celebrate the journey experience. It’s a rocking app because on the go you can select your time for food & you can collect it. Scan.Order.Pay with Y the Wait. Enjoy the convenience anytime, anywhere!

Why Download Y the Wait?

We know taste is everything along with the quality of food in the striving restaurant’s sector. We offer the best food ordering solution that will provide quick service instantly. All your favorite cuisines by restaurants from all over Dubai & beyond are here. Customers can review, see feedback’s, ratings, discounts, offers, and many more. Install Y the Wait app and focus on your food taste instead of waiting. Create your good times in Dubai when you order food online. Let’s connect to know more!

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