The coronavirus outbreak has infected more than 550,000 people around the globe, and the restaurant industry around the world is counting costs. The countries and territories have imposed travel restrictions and proposing people to follow social distancing. The coronavirus pandemic is an apocalypse for the restaurant industry all over the world. The anti-social effects of COVID-19 have ended the golden age of restauranteurs as fine dining has been considered as a form of urbanity and a measure of social status.

With no dine-in service, the restaurants are switching to home delivery and contactless takeaway to stay alive despite incurring financial losses in the process. However, it’s time for the restaurants to undergo digital transformation to fight subsequent battles and work forward for the revival of the restaurant industry.

This article is intended to provide restaurant owners and hospitality industry with a perspective on evolving the situation. You need to make some significant changes in restaurant management and seriously work on aspects such as revenue, sanitization as well as ensuring worker safety.

We’ll discuss how opting for a digital waiter app can help you to survive in these uncertain conditions and work efficiently with less waiter staff as well.

The advantages of offering delivery and takeaway food in your restaurant

Some want to eat quality cuisine at low prices, those who are in a hurry and do not have time to be served in the restaurant, those who want to save and eat well and prefer to order without drinks or know that to go is cheaper, in short, a lot of new consumer profiles to be attended to.

Ordering food to take home has undoubtedly become a trend that your restaurant can take advantage of to increase your profits. Below we present the main benefits:

Advantages of offering food delivery and takeaway service

  • You can expand your number of clients without interfering with the capacity of your premises.

  • By saving the cost of waiters and the cost of your premises, you can lower the prices of this type of food by attracting new audiences.

  • It is a way to innovate and give added value to your restaurant.

Some tips when offering food delivery and takeaway

  • Opt for cost-effective, easy-to-prepare dishes, so your order doesn’t delay.

  • Try to make the prices round numbers, so there are no problems with the change.

  • We are not fans of having food ready to go. We like to know that someone is preparing it, so they opt for small and agile dishes, but it should be noted that they have been made at the moment and we do not recommend having a kitchen sample prepared directly to take away, people do not you will like it.

  • Advertise your restaurant online. The trend of ordering food at home and takeaway online is on the rise since you can see the dishes, choose the order quietly and decide without the restaurant interfering in this process. Also, with the rise of smartphones, you can order from anywhere. Advertise your service, and you will be able to receive the command directly with all the user’s data, speeding up the management of your restaurant.

  • It offers the possibility of choosing a closed menu with drinks, without drinks and also individual dishes. The more there is to choose from, the more likelihood of pleasing everyone.

How can we help you?

We are helping restaurants scrambling to reinvent themselves in the wake of coronavirus. The restaurants can start their takeaway and home delivery services with Y the Wait business app. Please visit our registration page for signing up within a few minutes with our 24×7 support.

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