Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular topic in every boardroom. Artificial Intelligence is genuine and can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. It is still, surprisingly, a fuzzy topic. Many open questions are surrounding it. AI is not a monolithic term. It is typically a nuanced way to open more doorways in technology. The advanced technology is backed by confidence, change, and control. The advanced technology is infiltrating multiple areas of the restaurant industry to leverage the dining experience. Artificial intelligence enables busy diners to save time and empowers restaurant businesses to offer quick services to the customers. It is one of the best ways to find and book a table in restaurants anytime.

Y the Wait app is the right mobile application for the people who don’t like to waste time while waiting for a waiter or clearing bill payments. Artificial Intelligence is reducing the friction in food ordering processes at restaurants. Y the Wait assists restaurant owners to create personalized meals and cut-down delivery time. The users can track the food preparation in real-time from preparation to delivery and promotes smart dine-in. Y the Wait makes food options more accessible. It gives insight into the dine-out opportunities simultaneously.

Time has changed. Millennials are part of the story. There’s a catch here too. Consumers are refining eating preferences and are looking for smart dine-in options. A priority reservation, menu with options, and booking a private table to eat are some options consumers feel are available since the stone age. Recent stats predict that Millenials want to reinvent the experience. A time-starved consumer with less time can’t afford to wait for the waiter. Long gone are the days of two-hour dinner. Roughly, an individual spends 64 minutes total on three meals. Also, this time is further distributed in performing other activities like helping kids with homework, talking on the phone and watching TV.

Takeout, delivery, grab-and-go to heat up and eat later are primary integrations of Y the Wait. The mobile app is also using consumer data to persuade restaurants on creating cheaper menu options and personalized meal plans. It is an irrefutable fact that every restaurant wants to be a smart restaurant, and with a good reason. Y the Wait is a logical next step for the restaurant owners to leverage smart dine-in technology at their restaurants and stay ahead of the curve.

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