Humans are facing the greatest crisis of the last few decades – even worse than 9/11. This crisis is directly affecting every human living on this planet – those who aren’t aware of coronavirus as well.

Now it is a time for leaders, doctors, nurses, and scientists to step up the challenge and address the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from them, a few unsung heroes are already stepping up, unselfishly taking action to stop the spread of the virus.

Here is Y the Wait’s list of many unsung coronavirus heroes across the globe.

Community groups

Community groups are working all over the world to assist people. There are groups working worldwide to help people who are self-isolating. These groups aim to keep local shops “afloat”. These services include free home food deliveries as well as offering “dog-walking” to pet owners lockdown at home.

Letter writers

An anonymous doctor from Madrid’s Princesa Hospital asked Spaniards to write letters to thousands of people who have been suffering from severe cases of the coronavirus who have been hospitalized.

People suffering from novel coronavirus are deeply traumatic. The doctor pleaded with Spaniards to encourage people to keep fighting and tell them a bit about their lives.

The doctor’s plea went viral, and Madrid’s College of Doctors received over 30,000 letters that have arrived at its offices. These letters were distributed to patients in hospitals throughout Madrid.


Sikh volunteers have established a coronavirus food delivery service and are preparing 1,000 home-cooked meals and delivering them to Australians self-isolating during the coronavirus crisis for FREE.


Long-serving cleaner in Spain’s parliament Valentina Cepeda won praise on Twitter for her services to protect the country’s politicians during the crisis.

She became famous as she disinfected the podium and microphone every time the prime minister and MPs spoke during the plenary session.

Tattoo artist

As schools around the world are closed now, parents are looking for the alternative form of education.

Niel Murray is a tattoo-artist giving more than 1,600 children through art sessions on Facebook Live.


Cashiers are showing up to work every day so that people can still buy food and stay safe at home.

Cashiers cannot work from home and need to go to the store daily; even the whole world is locked down with thousands of people.

Their employees are providing them with the necessary safety kit – gloves and masks. And they have had to witness scenes of customers panic buying toilet paper.


The influx of employees working from home, students attending classes via video chats, and endless hours of TV streaming means demand for internet and cable is sky-high. Technicians are putting their lives on risk and visiting their customer’s apartments and homes to fix the issues. These people are working out and making the lives of people easy while staying at shelters.

Rubbish collectors

Despite social-distancing rules, the bin collectors are working hard to keep cities clean and rubbish-free. The rubbish collectors should be praised and shown gratitude for their acts of kindness.

Philanthropic landlords

Portuguese Airbnb operators are offering their empty rooms at no cost. These rooms can be used by the doctors and nurses who fear they may carry coronavirus who are putting their families at risk of coronavirus spread.


Self-drive disinfection robots are equipped with ultraviolet light and kill viruses. We are thankful to the companies who have launched these robots and helping Chinese provinces to fight the coronavirus since February.


In Coventry, a little four-years-old girl has received lots of appreciation for handing out flowers to people around her in the local area. Her grandparents are florists and trying to bring a bit of cheer to people’s houses. The little girl is following all the rules of social distancing and stepping back after delivering flowers before receivers are wishing her.

Food Delivery Boys

As most restaurants and bars are shutting down, the restaurant owners have kept their kitchens running for takeouts and home deliveries only. Our brave heroes – delivery boys, are playing a vital role in getting food to residents who stayed indoors for unprepared curfews.

Y the Wait is helping restaurants scrambling to reinvent themselves in the wake of coronavirus. The restaurants can start their takeaway and home delivery services with Y the Wait business app. Please visit our registration page for signing up within a few minutes with our 24×7 support.

We want to know who your coronavirus heroes are. Let us know in the comments below.

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