hey there do you know we are different

Hey there! Do you know? We are different


Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill. We all were consistently wondering – will we go out? Or we won’t dine out again? Isn’t it. Yes, we all had the same questions. We at Y the Wait knew what our users needed. It’s good food! Our restaurant partners and delivery riders created heart-warming food delivery stories. There was a resounding, “aww!” when our truly friendly neighborhood heroes came up as superheroes and swung by the doorsteps of the customers. They brought happiness to customers’ faces with delicious delicacies. Thanks to restaurant partners and delivery boys for making us one of the best food ordering apps satisfying hunger pangs during the quarantine.

Yes, Y the Wait rose up as a huge lifesaver…

During the lockdown, malls and other places were closed. Restaurants offered only takeaway and home delivery services. Distress was felt by the people earlier cocooned in comfort before lockdown. Now, they had to survive in their homes for an indefinite timespan. The situation was totally bleak. So, we acted promptly to assuage our valuable customers and offer some relief to the restaurant owners facing an economic strain. Our support team responded quickly to the queries of the restaurant partners and assisted them to start the food delivery in less than 24 hours. Like other food ordering apps, Y the Wait showcased the power of digitization.

How did we do it?

It was difficult to predict amid fluctuation due to COVID-19. We brought tech to the table for sit-down restaurants abstained from customer-facing technology to bring an end to angst.

We promoted social distancing

The lockdown is a question of life and death. Using Y the Wait, we helped users to stay away from the crowded areas. We trained restaurant partners and delivery boys about safety and hygiene standards necessary amid human-to-human infection transmission.

We helped remote workers

Businesses were shut down and employees were forced to work from home. Not in one country, employees all over the world worked remotely during this time. Work from home was the new normal and people had no option moving forward. Our delivery boys served employees and let them soothe angst due to the virus by enjoying their favorite food.

We delivered both food and groceries

Last year, we launched a grocery module and assisted people locked in their homes. They ordered groceries and other daily use items delivered at their doorsteps in a safe manner. Eventually, it came out to be highly successful. Users promptly used our digital waiter app and received basic essentials delivered at their doorsteps. So, are you excited, eager, and impatient? Here are a few extraordinary features of Y the Wait which makes us different from other food ordering apps…

1. Easy Signup Process

ythewait sign up

Signing up with Y the Wait is an easy process. Just create an account with your email address or any other social media account you use.

2. Discount and Deals

ythewait discount codes

Grab exciting deals and discounts while placing your orders. Add the promo code during the checkout.

3. Multilingual Menu

ythewait multilingual menu

Yes, it feels great when we read any menu in our preferred language. You can translate the menu of any restaurant and plan a meal at your comfort.

4. Real-Time Tracking

ythewait live order tracking

There is no need to worry about where the order is. Like any other food ordering apps on the market, you can use Y the Wait to check the real-time status of food delivery from your mobile phone.

5. Contactless Dining

ythewait contactless dining

Apart from food delivery, we also offer contactless dining. There is no need to wait for the waiter to place your meal requests. Just with a simple tap from our digital waiter app, you can call the waiter or ask for an add-on.

6. Easy Payment Options

ythewait payment options

Always carrying cash for dine-in is a big issue. Even for food delivery, you might not have enough cash at home or you may not have loose currency to clear the bill. With Y the Wait, there is no need to worry about these small things. Use our different online payment options to clear payments in no time.

7. Reviews & Ratings

ythewait restaurant reviews

It is a good habit to read reviews before placing your order. You can always use Y the Wait to check the online reviews from different restaurants and choose the best one as per your needs.

8. Table Reservation

ythewait table reservation

Planning in advance can add much more fun to your upcoming dining experience. You can always choose a table of your choice or even pre-order meals with our digital waiter app.

9. Happy Hour

ythewait happy hours

We know! You like to save money. Login to Y the Wait anytime and check the list of restaurants offering happy hours in nearby areas. No matter whatever you call it – beer o’clock, social hour, discount drinks – find with us. So, what are you waiting for? Install one of the best and exciting food ordering apps on your smartphones.

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