Good reasons to have a facebook page

Good reasons to have a Facebook page for your restaurant


Do you already have a website? That’s a good point. In particular, Facebook because that’s where everything happens. For the restaurant industry, running a Facebook page is a great way to advertise. In addition to the opinions left by Internet users, you can share menus, exceptional openings, and bring your restaurant to life through social networks is, therefore, an excellent way to build customer loyalty.
And if you doubt it, here are good reasons that will surely convince you. Maintain a Facebook page for a restaurant:

Your customers are on Facebook

Facebook now has millions of users. And no, it’s not just a social network for young people, on the contrary, compared to social networks such as Twitter and Snapchat. Facebook has a much higher average age. And then your target doesn’t include a single generation, does it? So Facebook is the best place to reach as wide a target as possible.

Facebook: a powerful tool

You won’t find a free database as big as Facebook. The platform gathers an incalculable amount of information on these users: taste, location, mood, etc.… Which can only be profitable for you? So you can target your publications and advertising to profiles who have expressed an interest in establishments similar to yours or the cuisine you serve.

Your promotions can have immediate effects

Promotional campaigns on Facebook will be much more useful than print. By choosing the right time for your posts, you can directly reach your potential customers. Post a discount on your menu one or two hours before the lunch break.

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