Give Your Customer Immense Experience With Food & Let Y The Wait Handle Your Daily Operations


When a customer comes to the restaurant they want to taste their buds with unique dishes never tried so far. Taste is everything along with the quality of your food in thriving the restaurant sector. As a restaurant owner, you should start giving scrumptious food service to customers instead of worrying about the daily operations.

For handling your daily operations Y the Wait – smart food ordering app is here! Y the Wait is an automated food ordering system capable of handling multiple orders at once so that your restaurant cater good service to the customers. Register with an online food ordering application for better service.

How Y the Wait will handle your restaurant operations?

Y-the-Wait-handle-daily-operationsY the Wait app is well-structured and restaurant can manage their daily operations with excellence:

Manager’s duties: This will include a checklist of responsibilities that managers have to perform in the daily tasks. A manager must perform as the restaurant opens before service begins, during rush hour or the shift in the shift and closing the restaurant.

Side work checklist: The part of the checklist allows your manager to keep a check on the staff members. How they are performing, when he left the restaurant, and many more. You can track your staff members’ efficiency with the Y the Wait application.

Kitchen Prep Work and Cleaning Checklist: These will include prep work tasks for the kitchen staff and cleaning tasks at different times of the day to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Server’s Checklist: Like the manager’s checklist, this checklist will also include duties to be performed before the service begins, during a shift change, and while closing the restaurant.

Marketing Checklist: This checklist will not have anything to do with your long-term marketing goals or current marketing strategies but will focus on marketing, which happens within the restaurant like upselling dishes, the information provided to the customers regarding the restaurant, etc.

Having a daily checklist on the restaurant management system will help your restaurant to grow more. It means actively you’re taking care of your business and soon you will stand ahead from your competitors. A daily restaurant checklist should create a clean and steady workflow so that your business runs smoothly, everything is in order, and your staff works as a team.

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