2020 isn’t just a new year, it’s a whole new decade. Therefore, starting it right is something that we all would like to ensure. When it comes to luck, there is a lot of it associated with what we eat, especially on New Year. This year use a digital waiter to order your luckiest foods.

Below, we have listed some food items that are considered lucky to be consumed on New Year.

Black-eyed peas

Consuming black-eyed beans on New Year is a tradition that dates back several decades ago. They are considered to be a symbol of humility because of their easy availability for even the poorest of beings. They are made into a dish called Hoppin’ John and eaten on New Year. You can also get them online along with some greens for additional prosperity using smart ordering systems.


It is a fairly common tradition in Spain to eat twelve grapes on New Year, one with each stroke of the clock at midnight. Each grape signifies a sweet month in your coming year. Watch out in case you get a sour one.


Noodles are considered very lucky when eaten on New Year. They are made without breaking as their length signifies longevity for the years to come. If you do not have the time to cook noodles at home, you can order them using a digital waiter as well.

Digital Waiter AppPork

Eating pork is a sort of lucky charm that is associated with the New Year. This idea comes from the fact that pigs always bury their snouts in the ground and move forward while the other animals always scratch backward. So, to have a progressive year, you need to have a pig on the first day.


No celebration can ever be complete without a cake. But did you know that eating cake on New Year is considered good luck? Round cakes with little trinkets hidden in them are commonly made during New Year. You can get a King Cake, Kransekage, etc from any smart restaurant around you during this time of the year.

There is nothing that we would love more than your New Year being happy and prosperous. Make sure that you have these lucky dishes on New Year. Our smart waiter is always here at your service.

Happy New Year!

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