Finding Customers in New Normal

Finding Customers in New Normal


The world of catering has changed post-pandemic. You may feel lost and don’t know where to turn your head, but don’t worry, like you many other restaurateurs are experiencing this difficult revolution.
Of course, this awareness should not make you rest on your laurels but, on the contrary, it should give you the energy and the desire to react, finding new ideas for innovative restaurants. A good starting point could be understanding where and how to find new customers. Here’s where to start.


Earlier a good advertisement on local TV or a billboard near your restaurant was enough; now things have changed a lot. The most effective way to find your customers is to get register with a waiter app.

Position on Google

You may find this information unimportant, but it is not at all the case. Getting your restaurant to rank on Google is very important in helping your customers find you.

Google My Business

You could start by creating your business listing on Google My Business, a quick and easy solution with which you can communicate opening hours and working days and, of course, your location. This step will not only make you visible on Google Maps but will make your restaurant visible in Google searches. Not being in search engines today is the best way to shoot yourself in the foot and make your customers choose the competition.

Be Easily Traceable

If the old town square has become a virtual square, and if life has moved from reality to digital, what have you done to keep up with the times? Your restaurant must be easily accessible even from a mobile. Such as? With a waiter app, you will allow your customers to find you in a few simple steps. After all, we have said that online purchases are on the rise this year. Focus on digitization, and you will arrive before your competitors’ other restaurant owners!

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