Few Tips to Optimize Order Taking At Your Restaurant


A customer served quickly is a happy customer. It is, therefore, necessary to optimize as much as possible the order taking in the restaurant to meet its expectations. To ensure impeccable service to customers, you must design an action plan in advance to coordinate the ordering system.

Know the preparation time of each dish

Knowing the preparation time of each dish can save valuable time for both waiters and cooks. Once the recipes have been validated in the kitchen, draw up a sheet recapitulating the preparation time of the recipes, which the servers will have to memorize. They will be able to inform customers or suggest them from the start the desserts that take a long time to make. Finally, servers must know the availability of products to avoid back and forth in the kitchen in the middle of the order.

Ensure regular control of all tables

Essential to ensure a smooth service and not to make the customer wait unnecessarily, the common control of all the tables must be one of the priorities of the waiters and runners. Use order taking app for restaurants for faster table occupation and better profitability of your restaurant business.

Rely on order taking software

Restaurant orders are still often done on paper, even though digital tools and software are gaining more and more ground. It must be said that they have many advantages, such as:

  • Speed up the order taking: the waiter clicks on the name of the dishes instead of writing them;
  • Naturally, chain the questions and assist the server so that he does not forget anything;
  • Reduce the number of errors;

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