Experience Quick Food Ordering With Digital Waiter App


The Work From Home times are back again. You may be working all-day and feeling hungry every second hour. But your busy schedule may not allow you to get into the kitchen and cook three times a day.

The struggle is real!

But, you don’t have to bother anymore because Y the Wait app will satisfy your hunger anytime of the day you want. We know that managing work and home life at the same time is tough. But with Y the Wait, you don’t have to skip your meals anymore. Just install the app, and with one click order your favorite meal. Our online food ordering app is the best solution to our extremely busy customers. The food will be delivered to your doorstep with contactless measures in these tough times.

Let’s Dig Deeper About The Digital Waiter App

digital-waiter-featuresY the Wait or YTW is basically a digital waiter app that allows diners to place their orders using their smartphones. A quick QR code can get them the restaurant food menu on their phones to order and pay instantly.

Check out its benefits:

Place Order Without Waiter

Y the Wait lets customers order through digital menus, customize their orders and pay instantly. The digital waiter app reduces your waiting time to get the attention of the waiter from minutes to seconds.

Pay Bills At The Table

Y the Wait prevents you from coming in contact with any person at a restaurant, not even the waiter. You can pay for your orders through various online payment options at the table without having to wait for the bill. Simply, scan the QR Code and pay your bill with digital solutions.

Seamless Eating Out

From the menu to paying bills you can enjoy a seamless experience with Y the Wait. All your worries will be completely removed from the handy menu, verbal communication in your dine-out experience.

And not just a digital waiter app but it brings convenience to your life

At this time, people don’t want to step out of their homes and come in contact with the deadly virus in any way. So, the digital waiter feature of YTW is not being fully utilised.

But the good news is that YTW can also be used as a food delivery app and food ordering app for takeaway. Just choose the resaurant you want to order food from, place your delivery or takeaway order, pay and you are done. Your order will be placed in just a few taps on your phone.

Install the app now from your app store.

Y the Wait never wants you to experience inconveniences for the food. Hunt your favorite places through the digital waiter app.

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