Expect the Unexpected With the Best Food Delivery App


A scenario…

So, you came home after a busy day, and now you are left with no energy to cook your dinner. You decide to sleep. But the very next moment, you suddenly feel the craving for a paneer wrap from that roadside cafe.

What’s next?

With no vigor to step out and fetch the meal, you decide to order it online. The moment you open the food delivery application, it prompts a message, “additional charges due to heavy demand”. You decide to compromise on the extra amount (delivery charges) and proceed further with the ordering process. But as you begin with the payment process, it allows only the cash on delivery (COD) mode for the order. Annoyingly, you exit the app and drop the idea of ordering food online.

Such awful experiences are prevalent these days with food apps, even with the top ones. Further, with a multitude of search results for “food delivery apps near me”, it’s daunting to find the “perfect”.

Unfortunately, no matter which application you go with, compromises in the form of inconvenience or poor service quality are unavoidable.

Y The Wait – Say “NO” to Delivery Inconvenience

Being a part of the industry for quite a long now, we have realized the loopholes of modern food ordering apps. Also, we are well-acquainted with what customers expect when it comes to food delivery services.

With all our research, we have developed an exceptional delivery app that serves as a one-stop solution for all.

Here’s what Y The Wait has to offer to the customers:

  • Customers can get access to thousands of restaurants, cafes, and hotels to order food from. Besides, the application also allows them to pre-order (order & pay in advance) their meals for takeaway.
  • Based on their past orders, our app analytic can offer personalized deals and offers to the users. Also, they will get meal suggestions every time they open the application to order. So, when in confusion about what to order, Y the Wait can help.
  • Customers can pay using any payment mode from cash on delivery to credit or debit card, and third-party pay portals.
  • With the ‘Nearby’ option available in YTW, customers stay informed about all the places they can visit for dine-out or takeaway.
  • YTW keeps the users notified about all the happy hours close to you. So, they can enjoy their favorite cuisines even when tight on budget.
  • If users don’t want to scroll down to the long list of restaurants, they can filter, sort, and select restaurants according to their preferences.
  • The application also enables customers to book their tables in advance from the app, pre-order their meals, and pay.
  • In case of any confusion or issues, customers can contact our24*7 customer support.
  • Those who want to change the world or help the needy can donate small amounts to related organizations through YTW.

Here’s what Y The Wait has to offer to the restaurants:

  • Better order and customer management.
  • More engagement with the customers.
  • Low-cost restaurant management.
  • Understand customer preferences better which helps them upgrade or change their menu and offer better services.
  • By providing quality services, restaurant owners can acquire more customers and build long-term relationships with them.

One good app can change your world and make your lives better. And… Y the Wait is such an app. Whether you are a food lover or a restaurant owner, install the app now and enjoy the multitude of benefits it offers.

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