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Entrepreneur Moms: Kickstart your Dream Food Start-up with Digital Menus & Online Delivery


Over 2500 home chefs started their small businesses during the first six months of lockdown. Are you too a budding entrepreneur planning to start your own food business? Here are some ways you can jumpstart your small food business efficiently from the first month itself.

Hey, all you super moms out there!

If you are all set to give the food market a tough competition with your extraordinary cooking and business skills, more power to you! But at this stage, what you need apart from your utter confidence and chef-like skills is some terrific ideas that will help you establish a food business that is sure to achieve skyrocketing success in a short time.

Make your new food business technology-powered and you won’t ever have to lose your customers or reputation.

If you have no clue what we are talking about and wondering if this is actually possible, read our blog. Here’s all the help you need to know how to go about it.

Significance of Technology for your Food Business

Understanding this is no rocket science! You may have already experienced the hassle of contemporary ways of managing a food business, even if it’s on a small scale. Remember all the notepads you’d filled with penning down food orders you received on calls? And what about the additional manpower you had to hire to do all the deliveries? Don’t you feel it was all time-consuming and demanded extra efforts?

restaurant pos softwareHere’s where the Tech-powered system comes to play. By incorporating certain tech solutions to run your business, you can achieve a lot in terms of convenience, performance, and overall business goals.

So, here are 5 ways technology can make your food start-up more efficient and profitable.

Top Digital Solutions to Make your Food Startup a Success

Digital Menus

The concept of digital menus is getting widespread popularity globally. For moms who aren’t familiar with the term, it is a digital version of your paper-based menu. These days, more and more restaurants and food joints are replacing their paper-based menu with digital menus. Customers can simply use their smartphones to scan the QR code table and access the restaurant menu and place their orders.

Some restaurants are also beginning to use a tablet-type device to allow customers to engage with the menu more. Being able to order instantly without having to wait for the waiter saves customers’ waiting time thereby leading to a more satisfying service.

Online Payment

When you visit a restaurant as a customer to dine-in, do you like standing in the queue waiting for your turn to pay the bill? Don’t you get annoyed when you have to wait for those extra 2-5 minutes for getting the change back from the front desk? The hassle of traditional cash-based payments can now be easily eliminated by adopting the concept of online payment. With a few clicks, your customers can pay their bills instantly. Neither your waiter needs to go to them to collect cash nor they have to come to your desk to make the payment. A simple mobile app like Y the Wait can make your payment process easy and faster.

Online Delivery, and Pre-Order 

Customers prefer restaurants and food joints that offer the services of online delivery. So, incorporate online delivery in your new restaurant’s USPs. Besides, offer your customers the flexibility to pre-order in case of their takeaway orders. This will free them from waiting at the counter to place an order and then wait till the food is prepared and packed.

Smart POS System

Setting up a new business means there’ll be a lot on your plate. You will be occupied more in brainstorming new ideas to run your business and how you could better streamline your overall operations. Hence, having a POS system can do wonders for your new business. From managers to servers and customers, a restaurant POS system can manage almost every aspect of your food business.

With a good POS system, you can track your inventory, evaluate your daily sales, track all types of orders and even manage your team. By using a POS system, you could reduce your burden to almost half.

The Takeaway 

If you want to survive and thrive in the existing competitive marketplace, you must start working on tech solutions right from the beginning.

Y the Wait is an all-in-one solution that can help your budding business achieve skyrocket success. With an excellent feature set that includes features like a digital waiter, pre-order, online payment, smart POS, takeaway, and online delivery, you can efficiently run your new food business. So mom’s! Install the app now and streamline your food business!

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