In a quest to enable restaurant owners to provide a seamless and queueless smart dine-in experience, Y the Wait has launched an innovative digital solution named – “digital waiter”.

“Digital waiter” empowers restaurant owners to provide unique and unmatchable experiences to their customers.

From pre-ordering food to skipping lines at food courts and even performing cashless transactions, the digital waiter enables restaurant owners to deliver an interactive dining experience. It acts as a mediator that offers faster checkouts and eliminates the need for waiting for a waiter to place orders.

The digital waiter app is designed to offer seamless ordering experience and maximizes the customer experience by reducing the overall time of serving and eliminating any miscommunication or understanding.

We Offer Perfect Solution

The restaurant owners benefit from the digital waiter app as it not only increases table turnover but also reduces the load on the waiter staff. The main feature of smart dine in its performance report and feedback of service furnished on the app.

Contactless Ordering for Your Restaurant Guests

  • Touch-Free Payments
  • Contactless Ordering
  • Easy Menu Engineering
  • Contactless Staff Operation
  • QR Code for Restaurants

Perks of Partnering with Y the Wait

  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Error-free orders
  • User-friendly UI
  • Higher Revenue
  • Faster table turnover
  • Integration POS system

Who can use

Cinemas, food courts, quick service restaurants, hotels, cafes, SEZs, drive-ins and airports

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