Still, time to kick off with us! Here you will get all in one solution for your restaurants. Restaurant owners, you must grab customer attention and skyrocket your restaurant sales. Things have been pretty craziest for all of us over the last year or so, and nobody knows this better than the restaurant industry.

Keep yourself update with the latest technology. Gone are the days that one person or several people had to stay at the restaurant all of the time. Y the Wait is a revolutionary online food ordering, dining, and takeaway application that helps restaurants to automate their business operations. We have extended our horizons to 5 major countries worldwide. And today, we’ve over 11000+ satisfied restaurant partners and retail stores.

With Y the Wait unique features restaurant owners can make profits for their business. Sign up with the smart era of technology and manage all your operations in one go. We eliminate all inconveniences of your customers during a restaurant dine-in or takeaway order. We want your restaurant should stand ahead of the competition with our distinguishable feature i.e. Free POS Software.

Y the Wait is an online restaurant management platform that seems to truly have it all – it deals with hospitality, events & industry, food court, airport, retail stores, transport, healthcare, cinema, casinos, and nightclubs. As social distancing is the need of the hour, we are bringing convenience to each table.

Also, we have more services for you including a Digital menu, takeaway, free Point of Sale, and Cashless payment via digital mode. Our pursuits are widely reckoned for their three major service verticals – dine-in, delivery, and takeaway. We’ve utilized a great deal of experience and the current marketing scenario to strategize our offerings for uplifting service standards for restaurants.

No matter whether you run a small corner cafe or an international chain. It is essential to choose the right one. Hopefully, this will blog will help you reach heights – and if you are ready, don’t let the opportunity go. Get on board with us and join the community of smart restaurants.

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