Does the Future Belong to Contactless Dine-in?

Does the Future Belong to Contactless Dine-in?


COVID-19 has changed the perception of human living. Today, everyone is looking for a safe and healthy environment wherever they visit. People have more concerned about health safety. Also, almost every industry is impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The hospitality industry is finding it difficult to run their business.

It is an irrefutable fact that restaurants are not large companies. They are small and independent businesses affected due to the loss of workforce. Eateries have to bear the rising costs of sanitation and tech enablement. So, companies have started developing solutions to amid infection transmissions. The digital waiter app for contactless dining is one such solution introduced by Y the Wait.

Our digital waiter app is a perfect solution for contactless dine-in. It reduces the need for touching high-touch elements at any restaurant. You can also record information like email id or phone number of customers at ease. That’s not all. Put in place social distancing at your premises with the help of our POS app. Our restro-tech solution will work as a blessing for your restaurant in this new normal.

We have a pre-order, takeaway, and home delivery option apart from contactless dine in. These options let your customers adapt to the new normal in a hassle-free manner. We understand our users seem to be the buzz of the future. Also, it is not the right time to start a new business and build a new brand. Today diners are ready to pay a little more for enhanced safety and hygiene. Safety is the prime concern of customers while choosing any restaurant. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and bring your business to a higher level!

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