Think, the customer looks at your menu card, and he/she is so enticed by the design and orders food without even checking the prices. The menu is the most important sales tool for any restaurant. It is not just a piece of paper read by your customers. You must take it as your restaurant’s business card. With your menu card, you’re trying to sell your products and services like any other business. So, if you create your menu strategically, you’ll make it more beneficial for your restaurant. Y the Wait understands smart dining starts with the menu. Therefore, our digital menu is designed to assist you to interact with customers through your menu.

In this blog, we’ll give you an insight into how the digital menu can serve up the best dining experiences at your restaurant.

1. Faster Service

With Y the Wait Digital Menu, your customers can order food more quickly as menu options are fully accessible. There is less clutter, and customers can access a picture of the dishes to develop their orders faster. The Y the Wait app speeds up food transmission to the kitchen. So, there’s less waiting time for the customers.

2. Personalized Experience

The digital menus are highly customizable. You can personalize the menu based on frequently ordered food items. You can also show specialized coupons or deals depending on the occasion and what your customers are interested in. We help you analyze current and past ordering patterns. You can even start campaigns that are season- or holiday-based.

3. Improved Accuracy

The main advantage of the YTW digital waiter app is improved order accuracy. Y the Wait app allows customers to place an order directly from their smartphones. So, there are zero chances of putting the wrong order. Due to the smooth ordering process, the chances are high you’ll get repeat business.

4. Drive Sales Using Analytics

Y the Wait POS enables restaurant owners to check consumer data and make changes in the menu as per customer demographic in your local area. You tend to create loyal customer league for proper management and quality product offerings. So, by focusing on customer data, you are enabled enough to menu offerings specific to your customers, and everyone comes out to be a winner.

Ready to discover the smart era of the restaurants? Fill our contact us form today to get started. We’ll help you bring a bigger and more satisfying smile on your customer’s face.

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