Create a restaurant reopning social

Create a Restaurant Reopening Social Media Strategy


Promoting a restaurant on social media shouldn’t be taken lightly. Everything you publish will reflect the image of your establishment. You must then build a communication strategy on social networks to stand out & optimize your SEO. Here are four good practices for promoting your restaurant on social networks:

Show more than your dishes

It’s not just what’s on the plate that interests your followers. The atmosphere, the staff, the cocktails, the events are also points of interest for them. Of course, you can talk about your dishes but not only that, to attract the attention of your subscribers, you have to vary your publications. You can also share photos of your employees in action, photos of events that took place in your restaurant or share a recipe, for example. By varying the publications, potential customers will be able to get an idea of ​​your establishment.

Post regularly rather than all at once

When you post on social networks, you must space your posts so as not to pollute the news feed of your subscribers with only posts from your restaurant. For example, on Facebook, thanks to its reach, it extends the lifespan of publications. These can appear up to 14 hours after posting. It is nevertheless necessary to adopt a certain regularity, to create a kind of “meeting” with your community. Be aware that there is no predefined publication frequency, it’s up to you to look at your statistics and adapt.

Encourage customer sharing

The great thing about geolocation whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram with custom hashtags is that you can link your establishment to a location and enjoy the content generated by your customers. This allows them to share photos of their favourite dishes, drinks, desserts and experiences in your restaurant. You can entice your customers to use them in exchange for a promotion. For example, you can offer an aperitif to people who take a selfie in front of the restaurant front or to those who have shared the most beautiful photo of their dessert. The possibilities are almost endless, and your restaurant should not do without such a promotion. Because when these people share this kind of post, they do it across all of their social channels, which promotes your restaurant exponentially.

Give something of value for free

Social media users are interested in things of value, and what could be more valuable than a recipe or culinary advice? You have the opportunity to show your followers that they are important to you and to thank them; you do not hesitate to share them exclusive recipes. Of course, you are not going to give them the recipes on your menu, but it must still be recipes close to those close to the dishes you offer. A study proves that video is the preferred format for maximizing shares on Facebook.

When you share this type of post that interests your subscribers for free, they get the impression that you are not always sharing sales posts.


We have just seen that table reservation app is perfectly suited to promote your restaurant at a lower cost. If you define a good strategy from the start by choosing the right social network, adopting a constant publication rate and using quality photos or visuals, your restaurant will be able to increase its visibility and thus acquire new subscribers and retain them.

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