COVID-19 will likely redefine grocery shopping in several ways. Before the crisis, few people ordered food online, and many questioned the reasons for buying food.

The store shopping experience is rapidly evolving to meet new standards. Most grocery stores have reduced their hours of operation to provide rest for employees and allow for thorough cleaning of stores, counters, and self-service checkouts.

Some establishments even have protective barriers to protect people in stores. People see a grocery store visit as an inherent risk. So don’t be surprised to see supermarkets becoming as clean as an operating room in a hospital.

Grocery stores also limit the number of people who can enter their establishment at the same time and encourage customers to shop within a limited time. Grocery stores don’t have a choice. It becomes challenging to offer anyone a great customer experience when the consumer is primarily concerned with their health when visiting a store.

For years, the focus on food safety was applied mainly up the chain, in processing, or on the farm. In the era of a deadly virus, many realize that supermarkets are a significant risk, and are just come online over the food delivery app.

Over time, we change our habits. And since the entire planet is affected, and this, for several months, new patterns will continue to be created. Time will do its work, thus forcing the whole food delivery business to metamorphose.

The COVID-19 is a powerful reminder of the fragility of our business models, especially in the food retail sector. The same goes for the restaurant industry. The risk management rules and how the interface between consumers and supply has governed will change forever.

With COVID-19, we can see the rise of ghost kitchens (this catering service designed only for delivery) in food service, allowing anyone to start a food service business, virtual or not.

The creation of micro-distribution centers or ghost warehouses to support supermarkets and other food retailers will redesign the architecture of the sector. This is not necessarily bad news in itself, but things happen very quickly.

The two service and retail sectors are now moving into high-speed fusion mode to serve a customer in transition. For many, selling and buying food online was a far-fetched concept. COVID-19 is changing everything.

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