digital waiter app

Contactless Menus and Payment for Restaurants


Protect your customers! Our digital waiter app lets restaurateurs serve their customers and effectively. It is an ideal solution that allows everyone to stays on move and control all the processes digitally. We let you update offers instantly and reflect them on the digital menu. Digital waiter app works as the most important means of communication at your restaurant.

Refresh your menu

The digital waiter gives restaurants the most excellent flexibility to change their prices and update digital menus instantly. Real-time updates to your digital menus are fast and effortless, helping you cut costs and keep your customers happy.

Save time in the room.

No more cards to clean up and hand out. This saves you energy and efficiency while protecting your customers and staff.

An eco-responsible solution

No more delays, no more printing errors, you save and control the costs of your cards and menus, while preserving the environment.

An increase in your turnover

Thanks to the power of the image, awaken the greediness of your customers and naturally increase your sales. By illustrating your dishes, your recipes, your bottles and drinks and giving the description of your dishes, you will whet your customers’ appetites.

An up-to-date menu, in real-time and throughout the year

Change your menus in real-time from your administration interface. A missing dish, a last-minute change of ingredient? Make changes on the digital menu. Your card is updated for your customers.

A reassuring experience

Human contact remains privileged with Y the Wait. Your customers discover a virtual card via their establishment’s smartphone or tablets. We do not change your habits; the waiter takes the order according to his way of proceeding.



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