Compelling Tips to Skyrocket your Beverage Sales


One sip of this will bathe the drooping spirits in delight, beyond the bliss of dreams. ~ John Milton

Beverages are the best companion of food, no matter what you prefer to have. Because these quench the thirst and complement meals, beverages are quintessential to every restaurant’s success. And maybe, that is why serving different beverages is one of the quickest ways to improve a restaurant.

While having a generous beverages menu is a practical way to increase your profits, you also need to show it off.

Wondering, how?

Here’s a list of some surprising tips to increase your beverage sales. From partnering with the best order taking apps for restaurants to upselling and constant promotional deals, know how a few additions and transformations can bring out a change in your everyday beverage profits.

Let’s get started.

the-role-of-happy-hour-for-your-restaurant-barGo Online With The Best Order Taking App

Not just because everybody else is doing it, but it is the need of the hour. The current digital space has compelled the entire restaurant industry to go online and offer delivery services to their customers. And so, just like restaurants deliver food at their customers’ desired location, you must also do the same for your beverages menu. Look out for the best order taking app for restaurants and make your beverages, including alcohol, available to the customers for online delivery. It can turn out to be a great profit-making move for your beverage sales.

Another popular trend after the Covid-19 crisis is the cocktail kits. You can now deliver cocktail kits to people at their homes. All you need to do is put all the ingredients together along with a recipe card with the instructions and get them delivered to customers who order.

Theme-based Happy Hours

Offering happy hours for food and beverages to dine-in customers isn’t any new. It’s a normal restaurant culture these days. However, you can always make an existing trend fresh and exciting by incorporating some unique ideas.

We suggest you start offering themed happy hours for beverages to your customers. Based on the type of customers you welcome to your restaurant, you can plan themed happy hours. For example, if on weekends, you receive most millennials customers, the idea of 90s themed happy hours can get you the limelight your restaurant needs. Brainstorm what you can do to help your millennial customers recreate their childhood nostalgia.

Try, Taste and Order

Remember going to a sweet shop or confectionery where you could ask for trying their new servings before buying? You can do something similar to increase your beverages also. Instead of asking, “what you’d like to order”, serve them with 5-6 test shots of your most popular drinks or the new additions. You may tell them, “We have got these 6 new cocktail editions you might enjoy”. This is a great way to advertise apart from the typical marketing strategies you have been using. Besides, having the ease to simply test taste drinks can help new or undecided customers decide what to order.

Unending Promotions on Drinks

Treat your customers with continuous deals on different drinks. Don’t just wait for special occasions but allure them with lucrative deals year-round. Check out these beverages promotion ideas you can try:

Celebrate Father’s day with 15% on any cocktail combo

20% off on our new mocktail 

15% discount on any three drinks on the last Sunday of each month. 

Upsell More Expensive Drink 

Upselling is a proven marketing tactic for any business. Applying this tactic to liquor can boost results the fastest.

Say a customer has ordered BBQ chicken wings. You would naturally suggest that would pair well with a glass of whiskey. Then, if the customer asks for a whiskey neat, give them 2-3 options and shine a light on the most expensive of all.

The Takeaway

Considering the fierce competition post-pandemic, it has become even more crucial to upscale your marketing tactics. Learning ways to increase beverage sales in your restaurant can lead to increased profits.

And if you want to improve customer engagement and overall restaurant performance, get our smart POS System and one of the best order taking apps for restaurants – Y the Wait. The app comes with an integrated mechanism to track your everyday sales, implement loyalty programs, track staff attendance, and manage inventory. So you can keep control of your overall restaurant operations ensuring its seamless flow in real-time.

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