Good reasons to have a facebook page
Good reasons to have a Facebook page for your restaurant

Facebook now has millions of users. And no, it’s not just a social network for young people, on the contrary, compared to social networks such as Twitter and Snapchat. Facebook has a much higher average age. And then your target doesn’t include a single generation, does it? So Facebook is the best place to reach as wide a target as possible.

3 Best Tools to Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Consumers were already using the Internet before the crisis to find, book, order, leave reviews or share photos on Instagram. Containment has accelerated these uses; digital mastery will be even more essential for any restaurant owner when establishments reopen.

How to properly manage customer reviews of your restaurant?

You do everything in your power so that your customers have excellent experience in your restaurant. You spend thousands of hours checking that everything is perfect. But still, the dreaded moment arrives: you get a negative opinion online.