Limit your food search with Y the Wait

Stop Scrolling! Start ordering your favorite meals from top-notched restaurants with a smart food ordering app. Choose your favorite from a range of food options with just a few taps. Scan.Pay.Order instantly through your smartphones. If you are traveling to…

How Conveniently Customers Can Order Food Online, On The Go?

Simple & Go digital! If you’re travelling to UAE or you’re exploring the places in Dubai. Get yourself connected with a smart food ordering app. In no time you will get the service by Y the Wait app. It is…

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Tips to save your time & enjoy the fullest at your next dining date

Download Y the Wait app on your next journey. It will save your time and you can relish the fullest time on your dining date. Available through both the Apple and Android stores, the app allows diners to peruse menus from their seats, and skip lines through smartphones.