digital waiter app



The unprecedented coronavirus has turned customers’ minds towards safety. Many people are accepting the new normal and becoming more active on their smartphones. All the transactions for dine-in, takeaway are contactless with just a single tap. 

Customer safety is Y the Wait top priority! That’s why Y the Wait launched the innovative digital waiter concept for dine-in customers. It is a platform where the customer will get smart solutions with a pocket-friendly approach. Instead of communicating with the waiter on telephones or waiting for the waiter to order, the online food ordering app allows customers to customize their orders according to preferences and dislikes.

digital waiter app

Recently Y the Wait has unwrapped its wings in the UAE. This online food ordering application gives customers faster responses beyond their imagination. We know how much you crave hunger for food. The apps work like a digital waiter and contain multiple features of food ordering and dine-in.

You can experience lightning-fast service and unique features like never before. Firstly, you will get a personal waiter at your service. You can explore all restaurant menus and order your cuisines the way you want. Also, there is no language barrier problem – you can order in any language. The Y the Wait application is designed with an environment-friendly approach. Conveniently you can order food anytime, anywhere. 

With Y the Wait – digital waiter app, you don’t have to worry about the waiter taking your food order and hotels you visit in UAE.  Simply scan the QR Code on your phone and place your order. When you are visiting a trip to Dubai, save your time so that you can enjoy all aspects of your trip.

You will get here all in one solution! Book a table at your favorite restaurants in a few easy steps. All the prime payments are accepted here! Feel the vibe with the app. All your needs will get fulfilled here. 

Don’t kill your cravings for the food. Download the future now! Enjoy the food with the smart era of technology. It’s a time for something new, use Y the Wait on the go wherever you go.

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