Benefits of Using Checklists to Ease Restaurant Operations


Checklists help you and your team prepare for a successful day. The organisation, cleanliness and supply of your restaurant are integral to the quality and safety of the dining experience for customers. Checklists for staff to use in their day-to-day work ensure that these critical operations are carried out. Create your personalised lists for your team members.

Think together about the tasks to include: First, you need to find the operations to include in the checklists. Follow the members of the indoor team, the kitchen and preparation team, and the management team and note the routine procedures they perform at the start and end of the day. Also, ask them what operations they think should be part of their opening and closing routine.

Create the checklists: Create your lists from these operations. Place checkboxes next to the tasks to be done and ask your employees to check them when the processes in question are completed, then sign the completed list, indicating the date and time. If you distribute specific tasks, ask team members to put their initials next to the work they have done, to improve accountability control. Create separate checklists for the opening and closing teams and the different functions in the restaurant.

Share checklists with the team: If you have never used lists in your restaurant before, we recommend that you announce them to the team at a general meeting, personal or by using your team’s communication tool. Explain how the lists will be used and what you expect from them.

Stay organised: Keep copies of checklists in a filing cabinet in offices or places appropriate to functions (examples: customer reception point for room staff, kitchen entrance for kitchen and prep staff and offices for managers). If you want to do all operations digitally, you can create a checklist in the Notes app on your iPad and share it with whoever is responsible for making sure every procedure is done.

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