Eating out with family or friends is something that everybody enjoys. It provides the perfect opportunity to bond and catch up on all the gossip while having delicious food in an aesthetic environment. In the middle of all this fun, a waiter constantly ignoring you when you want to order would be such a bummer, isn’t it? And that is what happens during most of our dine-ins. But don’t worry; Y the Wait got you completely covered.

Continue reading to find out about the most common problems faced by people while ordering which can be easily sorted out by ordering smart from Y the Wait.

Calling the waiter to take your order

E Waiter App - Tired of calling waiter

Waiter? Hello? Excuse Me? That is how you normally order at a restaurant where you have to shout at the top of your pitch to get the waiter’s attention. Well, you can try hand gestures too.

Smart order- No need to tire your hands or throat. All you need to do is scan the table where you are seated. The menu of the restaurant will appear on the Y the Wait app on your phone and you can order all you want. The order will instantly be forwarded to the kitchen after being placed.

Leaving your seat to place an order

Normal order- If you are dining at a food court, you will have to personally go for giving your order.

Smart order- We know it hurts you to leave your group chatting at the table and order. With Y the Wait app you don’t ever have to miss the fun. Our advanced features allow you to order from any number of outlets in the food court with just a click on your phone.

Smart Order - Y the Wait

Requesting waiter assistance

 Normal order- Asking for additional assistance from the waiter is even more painful than ordering because once the waiter is gone, you have to struggle for his attention, request him to bring what you need and then wait for him to come while you are in the middle of enjoying your food.

 Smart order- Behold the new era of your personal smart e-waiters. You can easily place a request for waiter assistance through the Y the Wait app. The waiter will automatically get notified and get to your table right away.

As you can see, the solution to all your dine-in problems is just in the palm of your hands. Life has never been simpler right?

So, keep ordering and keep enjoying with Y the Wait.

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