Press Release: March 29, Global
The pandemic COVID-19 is impacting the world very severely, particularly the industries. Hospitality business flourished on customers, local as well as foreign, are now forced to stop all their dine-in activities and shut their doors because of the fast spread of Coronavirus over a massive area.

     CEO of Y the Wait,  Simranjit Singh Grewal

“Whereas other restaurant apps are charging around 30 percent of the orders, we are waiving off all service-fee to help the restaurants and hospitality owners during these uncertain times the world is facing” said CEO of Y the Wait,  Simranjit Singh Grewal;. By encouraging them to start their own food delivery service will help the business owners to save on their bottom line and creates more employment. Restaurant owners can start contactless (pre)orders, takeaway, and home delivery services free of cost by employing their delivery staff by using the YTW Staff App. A few-mins sign-up process and the assistance of a 24×7 100-plus employees in support services can help Restaurants to go live within no-time.

As per the need of the hour, Y the Wait has also preponed the release of their new ‘Supermarket’ module. As most people are facing problems with ordering groceries and other essential needs in this pandemic situation, YTW platform allows the Local Businesses to start an online ordering and delivery system through their Free Apps. Customers can order their essential needs at a local retailer and can have their order bagged and ready for contactless pickup or choose to have it delivered at their doorstep.

YTW App will assist the Government, local authorities and retailers to continue to practice of contactless and cashless takeaway & delivery orders, social distancing, and enhancing the safety of employees as well as consumers. Currently, such organizations or stores are taking orders through phone calls or WhatsApp messages. With Y the Wait prepaid orders, they will be able to help clients efficiently by processing and delivering orders quickly and systematically with the help of AI and serve the people through one App that operates globally in multiple industries. Moreover, users will be able to place an order and pay for any loved ones around the globe – imagine ordering groceries or medication for your parents from afar.

Mr. Grewal further added, “We are also urging people to avoid using unhygienic paper menus and kiosks against the spread of COVID-19 and opt for the digital waiter as a precaution.”

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Coretta Scott King

Being the silver lining to the dark cloud, Y the Wait is offering the chance for the merchants as well as the users to donate any small amount which will be forwarded to Government or local organizations providing relief for Covid-19 affected people around the world. They can also select to which area they would like to donate.

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