We understand as a restaurant owner; you need some financial relief. To stave off collapse, Y the Wait aims to support the hospitality industry by allowing restaurant partners to pay no service-fees until 1st July 2020. You can start contactless dining, takeaway, and delivery services by employing their delivery staff with Y the Wait.

For Immediate Release – 23rd April 2020 – Social distancing rules have outlawed eateries to open dine-in for their customers. Most of the independent restaurant owners are forced to shut their doors as they’re not able to take care of their day-to-day expenses.

Few restaurant owners depend on third-party apps to start takeaway and food delivery services. However, the delivery apps are offering restaurants to stay alive through these tough times at a cost. The “very high” commissions charged by food delivery partners are eating the already thin-profits of restaurant owners.

The frustration of the restaurant owner is increasing as they need to pay up to 30% of their total turnover. It is a significant cut from income.

Meet Y the Wait! Don’t let third-party delivery apps lower your bottom line by charging high commission fees. Finally, Y the Wait is your delivery partner that’s looking out for you, your restaurants, and your employees!


Reach more customers and prioritize food delivery and takeaway with Y the Wait. Focus on serving your customers with their favorite food; rest, we’ll take care.

We understand as a restaurant owner; you need some financial relief. To stave off collapse, Simranjit Singh Grewal, CEO of Y the Wait, announced that the company has temporarily suspended its service-fee till 1st July 2020.

We’re also supporting our users to access groceries at their doorsteps through our newly launched supermarket feature. Our business partners – restaurant owners and grocery stores can keep more of their profits by employing DIY delivery fleets with us at zero investments.

The other food delivery apps are costing too much in delivery fees and charging up to 30% commissions, i.e., lessening your profit margins. Furthermore, you can start using Y the Wait directly from your smartphone, no need to make investments in hardware. It can be used on any device like laptops, computers, tablets & mobiles, etc. you own.


The restaurant industry is facing an extremely hard hit. We understand that you can’t work from home. As of now, your businesses can survive totally on contactless takeaway and delivery services. We’re providing complete support on all levels to help you refocus the entire industry on food delivery service. Together we’ll get through this!

Instead of appointing third party delivery employees, you can now offer that opportunity to your staff. Provide increased means of employment to the people you trust. Keep your income flow within your restaurant. With Y the Wait, you can start contactless home delivery with your existing restaurant staff instantly. Now, your business and delivery are in your own hands, so you keep 100% sales.


digital waiter app

Social distancing has become a new norm. Diners are ranking safety as their priority. The restaurants whether it’s 1 star or 5 stars do not have the right tools to follow the 1.5-meter social distancing rule at their premises. Also, due to coronavirus economic slowdown, the business owners have limited funds to invest in costly digital solutions to transform their traditional restaurants into smart restaurants.

As soon as the lockdown is over, you will face a challenge – how to serve guests from an appropriate distance without burning big holes in your pockets?

YTW Digital Waiter is the answer.  Your guests can order directly from their smartphones while sitting at your restaurant. Your restaurant staff can serve your guests with all the right precautions in a VIP manner.


We are introducing a digital waiter as an ultimate solution to implement the 1.5 meters rule or contactless dining at your restaurant.


Contactless dining means there is no need for the guest to touch the bill or the menu card while dining at your restaurant.

You have to ensure that tables are arranged at optimum distances from each other. The users can get seated and order directly via Y the Wait digital waiter app from their smartphones. So, the user doesn’t make any direct contact with the paper menu or waiter until it’s required.

Users place orders from their smartphones and notify kitchen staff directly through automated print or notification. Cashless payment can be made from the app itself. Also, users can pay their bills using all globally acceptable major payment gateways like credit cards, debit cards, iDeal, Apple pay, internet banking, etc.

Contactless dining is the new normal, and Y the Wait is pioneering restaurants to start digital and secure services free of cost to stay ahead of the competition and boost their profits in these difficult times.


Contactless dining has the following components –

  • Pre-ordering – your guests can pre-order the food to ensure it is ready when they reach the restaurant
  • Contactless seating – manage seating plans with our POS app and ensure tables aren’t reserving more than what the social distancing norms dictate
  • Contactless menu – the guests scan QR code available on the table to browse the restaurant menu without touching the unhygienic paper menu
  • Contactless ordering – after browsing the menu, the guest can directly order via the app (no need to wait for the waiter or get involved in any interactions until required)
  • Contactless payment – the guest can enjoy cashless transactions pay directly via Y the Wait app and leave the restaurant premises
  • Contactless feedback – online feedback systems will collect real-time feedback on the dining experience


  • Eliminates the need for paper menus – the highly touched articles present in any restaurant and also the main source of contamination
  • Ensures consumers don’t have to wait – makes the entire dining seamless and convenient experience
  • Reduces the table turnover time
  • Ensures the enforcement of 1.5 meters safe social distance


  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Food Courts
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Casinos
  • Cinemas
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Events

So, what are you waiting for? Partner with Y the Wait and pivot to a temporary cloud kitchen marketplace where your guests can still order their favorite food.

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