Traveling to Vancouver on a business trip? Or, are you in “Saltwater City” to meet your loved ones? Whatever reason has driven you to be in this amazing city, you might like to lose yourself in the heavenly French food specialties while you are here. If food sounds like your kind of thing, Vancouver would add a tasty twist to it. Your foodie moments with buttery Parisian croissants and delightful macarons earn you a lifetime experience to cherish.

Can’t wait to get acquainted with the French specialties? Well, here’s the list of French delicacies that will make you say wow:

1. Steak-Frites

Steak Frites

Enjoying authentic steak-frites is like dreams come true for a foodie. Its simple yet lip-smacking taste takes a gourmet lover to a whole new foodie’s world. Served hot to your table, this is one of the top French food specialties that taste best when served hot. Coupled with beef steak and crispiest fries, it satisfies your soul.

2. Huîtres


Huîtres is a bit expensive French gourmet but worth having when trying a lavish French delicacy is on your mind. Those silky oysters come in all shapes and flavors. Rest assured that you would never get bored out of them. Put some lemon onto them to cherish the taste of the sea. There’re plenty of French restaurants that serve Huîtres in Vancouver.

3. Macarons


You won’t be counted as a French food lover if you haven’t tried macarons yet. So you could imagine how seriously French people take macarons. With the colorful visual appeal and delicate looks, it’s baked to perfection. Blending icing sugar, food colors and egg-white into a heavenly mixture, this French sweet treat really lightens up your mood.

4. Quiche


Quiche gives a salty twist to your taste buds and comes as a top choice for lunch. Quiche offers a great alternative to French gourmet lovers who have got bored out of baguette sandwiches. From tuna to bacon and salmon to vegetables, you could put anything into it to create a wonderful meal. Certainly, quiche deserves your attention when French delicacies are on your mind.

5. Moules


What could be more tempting to your soul than having food that has the goodness of mussels, crispy feel of French fries and bliss of white wine? Moules brings you that heavenly combination! This French delicacy is quintessential and adds a luxury twist to French holidays. So keep it in your must-have list!

The Key Takeaway

If you’re a French food lover, a visit to Vancouver should add more to your finest dine-in experiences. You could put your time in the Saltwater City to the best use by exploring authentic food outlets serving authentic French delights. Some of the delicious French delicacies you could catch while in the city have been listed here. Keep them in your priority list to satisfy your appetite.

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