Canada isn’t just about scenic beauty but it’s a home to signature Canadian dishes too that every foodie would like to explore. From poutine to bacon and Montreal bagel to Nova Scotia lobster roll, there’s always something delicious cooking in your vicinity. It’s a heaven to signature dishes that a gourmet lover like you will never like to miss. A heavenly assortment of sweet and savory delicacies gives a twist to your life.

So if you are a real foodie who is always on a hunt to explore sumptuous delicacies in the maple country, then here’re the top signature dishes of Canada that you would like to grab over this weekend.

1. Poutine – Savory Delight

poutinePoutine, one of the top signature Canadian dishes, is loved across Canada more than anything else. This French-Canadian delicacy with thick savory gravy makes even the most demanded foodie drool over. The mix of fries and cheese curds topped with gravy gives you a heavenly taste to die for. Some of the local eateries even serve it with butter chicken and pulled pork that brings the taste to the next level. It gives you enough reasons to grab this signature dish over the weekend.

2. Butter Tart – Sweet Treatment

butter tartButter tarts are taken seriously, no matter which nook and corner of Canada you are. Center-filled with a gooey mixture of sugar, butter, and egg, the butter tarts are a perfect takeover to celebrate any occasion. Butter tarts are truly Canadian in all essence, no matter how loud others claim for it. Chocolate, bacon or even pecans, the butter tarts could be complemented with anything and everything. Who cares? Especially, when the delicacy is as yummy as butter tarts!

3. Nova Scotia Lobster Rolls – Spicy Treat

nova scotia lobster rollsDoesn’t matter if you are in Nova Scotia or any other province in Canada, Nova Scotia lobster rolls are equally loved and enjoyed across the provinces. This signature dish brings aboard a divine taste of toasted buns that are brushed up with garlic butter with a topping of mayo, onions, and pepper with a pinch of lemon other spicy ingredients. There isn’t any hard and fast rule to enjoy this flavorsome delight. You could have it as dipped in butter, lobster beer or even in chowder. This signature food is enjoyed all around the year, so you are in luck!

4. Montreal Bagel – Delight Hand-Baked to Perfection

montreal bagelBaked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, the Montreal Bagel is a sweet gift to a gourmet lover with a sweet tooth. Dipped in honey-sweetened water, the Montreal-style bagels are hand-baked to preserve its classic taste. The poppy or sesame seeds topping on it will definitely tempt your cravings. Enjoy it with classic cream cheese, salmon or anything else on your mind.

The Key Takeaway

For foodies, Canada is a perfect abode to enjoy an assortment of signature dishes. No matter if you are in Nova Scotia, Alberta or Ontario, there’s always something sweet, tangy or savory, the Canadian provinces always have to offer to a gourmet lover like you. The contribution of Canada to culinary delights is second to none. So as a foodie, you are in luck to grab Canadian signature dishes in your neighborhood.

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