4 Biggest Areas Where Takeaway Food Can Benefit Your Business


Restaurants serve as the lifeblood of local communities. During these challenging times, transforming from dine-in to takeaway can create a positive difference in society. Takeaway food ensures the safety of customers and employees. Apart from the takeaway, we are helping our restaurant partners to start contactless delivery employing their own delivery staff and contactless dining using our digital waiter app. We encourage our users to use online payment options to avoid face-to-face attraction and exchange cash.

In this blog, we will highlight points on how the takeaway option can help you maximize profits and maintain normal revenues during the crisis.

Increased Revenue

The chances are high your restaurant is occupied at all the times. The takeaway option is best for the users who don’t have much time to wait outside for their turn. The probability is high you might be losing business just because of high waiting times. With takeaway food, such users can place orders before leaving their office or even while waiting in the car at traffic lights in a fraction of seconds with Y the Wait.

Save on Labor

If you have just started your restaurant business the chances are high, you may not be able to hire and pay for more employees. In such situations, takeaway food puts the responsibility on your customers. Your guests have to come to the reception or delivery window to pick up the food. Minimal efforts and trouble on your behalf, rest we’ll take care.

Lower Operational Costs

As a newbie, you can always setup a ghost kitchen with Y the Wait without worrying about the operational costs of your restaurant. You will get immense and instant visibility with the company. You have to just prepare good food rest we will take care. Online ordering with Y the Wait is simple and convenient. We’re easy, transparent and quick online ordering system for your restaurant.

Exposure to New Customers

With our food ordering app, the customers can compare the prices between different restaurants and place orders. This is the best place to capture new customers. You can give discount offers and exciting deals to grab the attention of potential customers.

Make the most excellent decision with the given potential reasons and prefer the best takeaway food for your business!

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