3 Best Tools to Amid Covid-19 Crisis


Consumers were already using the Internet before the crisis to find, book, order, leave reviews or share photos on Instagram. Containment has accelerated these uses; digital mastery will be even more essential for any restaurant owner when establishments reopen.

Takeaway Food

New health and social distancing standards have forced restaurateurs to reinvent themselves to maintain sufficient profitability during containment and after with 50% fewer customers. Thousands of restaurateurs suddenly started offering takeaway sales, allowing them to keep in touch with their customers and generate a minimum of turnover. Take-out will no doubt remain when restaurants reopen, and those who offer to order and pay online will do well.

Online booking

The reservation is part of the recommendations of the health protocol for the reopening of restaurants, to control the flow of customers, avoid queues in front of restaurants and allow customers to be better distributed over longer time slots. It is time to abandon the paper reservation book, which does not allow real-time information on the number of customers in your restaurant or for the next service.

Digital menu and QR Code

The paper menus, conducive to the transmission of Covid-19, will disappear to make way for an ordering and payment experience without physical contact. Customers who have booked receive the menu automatically on their smartphone and can order from it. Thanks to QR Code placed on tables, and dematerialized menus to which they redirect, your customers and your teams are reassured.

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